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Our story

We bundled years of experience in our scans and developed our own models, which lead to transitions in the field of sustainable business. All with the aim on getting your business back on the adoption curve for the times ahead and guaranteeing sustainable continuity as best as possible.

The outcomes are new business models in which sustainable business is indisputable and new revenues can be generated. With this change, social and societal values will develop at a time where it's in high demand. In addition, we collaboratively develop new visions, strategies, brands and products. Set up cross-sector chains and help to find relevant partnerships. Above all, we use our practical orientation and hands-on mentality to focus on viable results.

Customer reviews

In these reviews our customers share their experiences with IBI² and talk about what they do to operate sustainably right now. In the video next to this, Duco from Econcreet shares his experience. Curious about what others say about us? Click on the button below.

Customer reviews

In deze klanten reviews vertellen bestaande klanten in een videofragment wat IBI² voor het bedrijf heeft gedaan en op welke manier zij nu duurzaam ondernemen. In het fragment hiernaast verteldt Duco van Econcreet zijn verhaal. Benieuwd naar wat anderen over ons zeggen? Kijk onder kopje “Wat doen we” voor al onze klanten reviews.

Super concentrated extract from pig manure

At Vlako, a manure processor in Overloon, they have succeeded in doubling their mineral extract from pig manure through membrane distillation. Since 2021 Vlako started a trail to thicken their mineral extract to focus....

Inspirational session: new perspectives on constructed environments

On 16 november NCB organizes an inspirational session focussing on the future. We take you on an exciting journey to 2050. The world is ever changing and offers basically everything. But how does our world...


Activist, idealist, dwarsdenker en aa nhanger van Gunter Pauli’s ideeën over systeemdenken en de blauwe economie; Sandra Baan, CEO van IBIÇ uit Venlo is het allemaa l. Zij vindt dat er in het designwereldje een hoop bullshit wordt verkocht en dat biomimicry belangrijk...

High Potentials

Im Nachbarland zu studieren und praktische Erfahrungen zu sammeln, ist sehr wertvoll. Das merkt die Direktorin Sandra Baan vom IBI2 aus Venlo, wenn sie deutsche Studenten in den Niederlanden betreut. „Beide Kulturen ergänzen sich gut.“ Das Projekt „High Potentials...

Linkse Rakker – Cees de Gelder

In Januari verscheen er een interessant artikel geschreven door Cees de Gelder in het Interior Business Magazine.

Spreken bij Feed Design Lab

Feed Design Lab is hét praktijkonderzoek- en educatiecentrum voor innovatie & verduurzaming binnen de diervoedersector. Ruim 100 bedrijven uit de gehele sector en uit binnen- en buitenland zijn

Waarom data onmisbaar is in de circulaire economie

Leaseconstructies en deelconcepten schieten als paddenstoelen uit de grond. Van wasmachines tot fietsen; alles lijkt geschikt voor een circulair businessmodel waarbij de leverancier eigenaar

PAS (Programma Aanpak Stikstof) op de plaats, hoe verder?

Veel partijen in de bouwsector worstelen met de onzekerheid die is ontstaan na de vernietiging van het PAS (Programma Aanpak Stikstof)

Nederlandse primeur: circulair asfalt op grote schaal toegepast

Wegenbouwer en asfaltproduct KWS heeft circulair asfalt voor het eerst op grote schaal ingezet. Een nieuwe asfaltweg op bedrijventerrein Schiphol

Infographic: werk aan de winkel om SDG’s tot succes te maken

Drie jaar geleden gingen de 17 duurzame ontwikkelingsdoelen (SDG’s) van de Verenigde Naties van kracht. Steeds meer bedrijven

Design strategy


Learning and then mimicking natural forms, processes, and ecosystems.


Studying natural mechanisms, their function and how they can be translated to our human needs.


Collaborating with living organisms like bacteria and plants while designing products or art.


In biophilic design people are once again connected with nature through the direct or in-direct form of it.


Biobased, from a holistic perspective, is a way of working with organic matter and processes aming on circularity.

Nature uses its intelligence to effectively and efficiently give function to all matter. Waist and pollution do not exist. We bring 3.8 billion years of experience to the table.


project portfolio



The Blue Economy is all about sustainability and circularity and applying this to a new economical system. Using scientific insights, the Blue Economy offers technical solutions, regional empowering economical principles and new business models.

LOHAS consumer

Almost half of the dutch consumers (49%) are consciously purchasing products considering sustainability. But who are these sustainable consumers?
duurzaam ondernemen is 71%. Maar wie is die duurzame consument?

The 5 B's

Biomimicry, biodesign, biobased, biophilia and bionic utilise nature as their source of inspiration to innovate and operate sustainably. These 5 disciplines have been deployed for some time now, but how?


Pauwert Architectuur

Jan van Vlerken

The past year, we at Pauwert Architectuur went in search of a more in-depth approach to the theme of sustainable entrepreneurship. IbI² has supported us by approaching the theme in a broad way, allowing us to look beyond our field of expertise.


During this year, we attended internal training sessions from IBI² that covered the topics of blue economy, the LOHAS consumer and systems thinking. This has not only given us a broad understanding of the new possibilities of economic circular systems; it has also taught us to think about our work in a more holistic way.


Sandra Baan has also provided relevant contacts and suggested content themes. We also became part of 'de duurzame dwarsdenkers'. This has turned out to be a good platform to get in touch with other companies that are working on these themes.


In short: 'Ibi² has ensured that the theme sustainability is prominently present in our company!'



Arie Voorburg

We have seen a lot of brutal and frightening warnings in recent years about the threat of climate change. Far less talked about, but just as dangerous, if not more so, is the rapid shrinkage of the natural world as a coherent whole. Land degradation, biodiversity loss and climate change are three different faces of the same central challenge: the increasingly dangerous impact of our choices on the vitality of our natural environment. Current models of production and consumption are unsustainable. Meanwhile, the safe limits for four of the nine key ecological processes and systems that govern the stability and resilience of the Earth system have already been exceeded.

This is precisely why institutions such as IBI² are so badly needed to transfer knowledge and experience, offer inspiration and innovate, precisely by taking pragmatic action: doing. Not only ideas and concepts, but also the development of nature-inspired designs, intelligent products and services, flexible production systems, etc. that lead to truly sustainable business.

I experience the cooperation with IBI² as very inspiring, open, professional and constructive.


Patrick Schreudering

IBI² has guided Leolux in making the company more sustainable. On the basis of a baseline measurement, carried out by IBI², we explored how Leolux could distinguish itself from its competitors. This eventually led to a sustainability agenda which Leolux is currently working out and helps us with sustainable entrepreneurship. 

In addition, IBI² helped Leolux to develop a piece of Limburg furniture. For this Limburg armchair, the Hilco, materials and components were sourced from the region as much as possible. In particular, this applies to the leather with which the Hilco is upholstered. This leather comes from cattle in Limburg and is processed as responsibly as possible into a hide that can be used by Leolux.

SLV Nederland

Marianne Hendrikx

As a co-occupant of the Manufactuur office building, we came into contact with IBI² and the enthusiasm of Sandra Baan. Sandra gradually introduced a team within our company to sustainable business. From there they started looking for opportunities and possibilities around this current theme. Besides a general awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility Sandra has also managed to unleash a drive within our company to stand out in the lighting market through an approach based on biophilic design and the dissemination of our knowledge and expertise in this area. Our team is now more proficient with 'the language' of biophilia and circular economy. Our collaboration has without a doubt resulted in very valuable insights and ideas that will take SLV Netherlands further, now and in the future. Translated with (free version)

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