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IBI² brings a combination of trendwatching, business development, materials design, proces design and marketing. To the point and together with our clients. De innovative HEROES of the future.

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Our story is a comprehensive one. Decades of experience in Biomimicry and sustainable development drive our vision of perserving the natural world. We act local, regional and European. In large companies and SMEs. IBI² has developed its own scans to povide tailored advice. And behind the scenes, a diverse team that supports your organization with state-of-the-art insights.

We bring a huge network of people from the circular economy, donut economy, Blue Economy and Biomimicry. We are always realistic. Risk and growing responsibility are the biggest barriers to collaboration and transition. Guided by our experiences, we show how to share risks, costs and returns of transitions. Once you start seeing the profits and solid marketing, you'll be convinced in no time!

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SDG/ESG scan

Systems thinking and nature-based solutions are now hot topics in global politics. World Bank, EU, UN. Combined with Global Goals, the circular and donut economy, and design thinking. Only 20% of all nature-based strategies are now used. That's 80% opportunities for innovation!

On what level is your organization performing at mega-,macro- and micromanagement considering the SDGs? These sustainability scans measure the impact businesses have on their environment. How do you impact your natural surroudings? And how do you commit to sociality and honourable governance?

De Europese natuurherstelwet is goedgekeurd: op weg naar een groenere toekomst!

Na maanden van intensieve politieke debatten en zorgvuldige aanpassingen heeft het Europees Parlement vandaag met een krappe meerderheid de Natuurherstelwet van Eurocommissaris Frans Timmermans aangenomen. Dit is een grote overwinning voor onze natuur, die momenteel...

IBI² presenteert met trots, samen met BAM wonen en Staatsbosbeheer, de 100% biobased bouwmaterialen van de toekomst

Op Provada zijn afgelopen donderdag (15 juni 2023) de nieuwe 100% biobased platen van IBI², BAM Wonen en Staatsbosbeheer gepresenteerd. Een primeur op de vastgoedbeurs. Reststromen uit de beheeractiviteiten van Staatsbosbeheer en afvalhout van BAM zijn gebruikt om...

We're not there yet, but accidentaly somewhat closer

The ozone layer has been shrinking since industrialization, the beginning of large emissions. In 1985, the world received a warning from the British Antarctic service; the ozone layer over Antarctica is disappearing. The United Nations considered a

Launch van de IBI2 Futures Academy

Wij nodigen u graag uit voor de launch van de IBI2 Futures Academy waarin we constructief dwarsdenken en spreken over de haalbaarheid van onze duurzame toekomst. Laat je deze middag inspireren door concrete voorbeelden van transities en oplossingen uit de praktijk....

Transparency, it's become a must now

According to the corporate sustainable reporting directive (CSRD), al large companies (250 employees or more) must report their impact in a clear and transparant way from 2024.

Het gevaar van biodiversiteitsverlies

Een nieuw VN-akkoord moet vanaf 2030 30% van de natuurlijke leefomgeving op het land en in water beschermd gebied gaan beschermen. 196 landen kende toe hoe belangrijk het is om de biodiversiteit op aarde in veiligheid te stellen. Nu is het tijd voor actie. Een twee...

CO2 tax in reality

In the Paris agreement, a reduction of 14,3 megaton CO2 annually was set for 2030. The CO2 levy took effect on January 1, 2021 to ensure that this target is met. The Dutch Emission Authority is obligated...

Investing in green funds. How green is that really?

Everyone is familiar with the concept of greenwashing by now. Companies showing of their green potential while in reality hardly anything is happening. You also have to deal with this when you put your money in investment funds....

Super concentrated extract from pig manure

At Vlako, a manure processor in Overloon, they have succeeded in doubling their mineral extract from pig manure through membrane distillation. Since 2021 Vlako started a trail to thicken their mineral extract to focus....

Inspirational session: new perspectives on constructed environments

On 16 november NCB organizes an inspirational session focussing on the future. We take you on an exciting journey to 2050. The world is ever changing and offers basically everything. But how does our world...

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The greatest inventor of sustainable business is nature, with 3.8 billion years of experience.

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