Project portfolio

IBI² - Completed project portfolio


De Provincie Limburg werkt samen met IBI² aan het Blueports project. Het zijn alle Limburgse binnenhavens die op innovatieve wijze de nieuwe economie helpen vorm te geven.

Dynamic Dragonfly

The Dynamic Dragonfly is a furniture collection based on the unique characteristics of the dragonfly. With a rotating arm based on the function of the wings of dragonfly.

Leather from Limburg

Leolux collaborated withIBI² and local businesses to develop a ecological leather that is compostable and trackable. This al with the focus on creating a product by the principles of the Blue Economy.

Pinching Shark

In samenwerking met Dimitri Dimitrakis gewerkt aan een flexibele en krachtige klem, ’the pinching shark’. Dit gebaseerd op de bijtkracht van de haai.

Open Coral

Various types of coral were the inspiration for this concept. The open and closed structure has been translated into the technique of laser cutting. With the laser cutting technique, beautiful cutouts can be made in material, which are inspired by the structure of coral. 

Wool from Limburg

The goal of the Moorland wool from Limburg is to create sustainable products from locally produced resources. Its finishing method is a suitable process wool in today's interior design industry.

Armor of Harmony

This concept is inspired by the skin of the chestnut. It is based on the anatomy of the chestnut which consists of three different layers. Put together it's called the pericarp. With this in mind, we developed this collection and named it "Armor of Harmony.

Biobased tiny house

A house with a unique style that through the chosen colors, materials and furniture fits you perfectly and makes you feel at home. A special house where sustainability is everywhere. Both in the use of materials and in terms of functionality.