Sustainable development goals

The United Nations Global Goals are the compass for the world. This is where we want to go. A healthy planet. Where we humans as part of nature can live and work healthy and happy. IBI²'s solutions always combine multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

De SDG wedding cake

In this model the SDGs are divided in three dimensions: biosphere, society and economy. The ultimate goal illustrates a vibrant economy in which humane and healthy environmentally friendly solutions are prominent. An economy wherein everything is of value and the term waste lost it's existence. Just like an ecosystem. Sometimes this means breaking the status quo and changing investment patterns. It calls for thorough risk management and focussing on trends the world is clenching on to.

These days the economy drives our society. It seems like the planet is spinnig because of it. But this dimension will eventually fall when there's no sustainable fundament. We have to build/ renovate from the base up, to find sustainable solutions for al three dimensions.

IBI²'s solutions always combine multiple SDGs. Together we investigate which transitions are employable right now to contribute to the SDGs. Collaboration is key in this proces. Because you cannot innovate on your own.


We can realise an economy with humane and healthy environmentally friendly solutions. If the biosphere can function in all its complexity over the millions of years it has evolved, there must also be a way for our contemporary ideas to work in harmony with it.

IBI² supports businesses to help acquire this harmonious view and change the course to more sustainable value creation. Click on the button below to see what we do.


To create a world where everyone can contribute, fundamental changes are needed in the areas of global health and welfare, education and all other goals that go along with remedying barren situations. Primarily in developing countries, acces to clean water and economic development is lacking. And precisely these componants are essential for changing their situations.

Everybody can contribute to a better life elsewhere. Even if there is no way to contribute with your core business, doing good for others makes you happy. Be inspired by IBI² and see what we do.


Yet again, a vibrent economy with humane and healthy environmental solutions is realisable. If we want to live in peace and wealth all together, a powerfull economy is essential. An economy that's build on sustainable value creation, one that's impossible to collapse and where every individual is contributing to both the health of this economy and the planet.

IBI² has developed its own scans and models to help your organization thrive, including from an economic perspective. The outcomes are new business models in which sustainable business is the core and new revenue can be generated.