Construction and design

People design our world as it is today. But change is inevitable. Let us get inspired by nature enabling ourselfs to create a society that harmonizes with its environment.


Purely nature

Humans can live sustainably and healthily on earth only if we make our human systems obey nature's laws. To establish this we must learn to think in terms of systems. Nature works very differently than we are used to today. There are no quick, lineair solutions which apply everywhere.

Nature uses the principle of spirals in cycli. All materials are degradable in its surroundings, like substrates and water. It uses healthy and clean matter to prevent the need of purifying it. The proces is prior to the product and we should adopt this way of operating.

Biomimicry has established itself in the construction- and design world. There are numerous healthy solutions within arm's reach. It's essential to implement these solutions in construction, interior and various product design processes. IBI² has a clear view over the solutions at hand and guides you to a biomimicry application for your business.