Market, product- & proces development

IBI² combines knowlidge about sustainability with creativity to explore new markets, products and processes. You will find an overview of the development processes of IBI² below.

Market development

Markets are not static. They are constantly changing. That's why it's important to keep aware and to know what's going on. Trend research is an essential part of our work. We scan mega trends in all EU countries and translate the results into opportunities and threats in your market(s).

One thing is certain, the LOHAS-consumer is causing major shifts in all markets. Meanwhile, this conscious consumer with a broad and diverse profile accounts for 15-24% of the EU consumer market. And of course, this works its way into B2B markets. To avoid greenwashing, more and more is demanded from the supply chain. Good for you. It can create many new opportunities. We will help you. 

Product development

Samen met ons netwerk consultants creëren, testen en onderzoeken wij producten die in nauwe samenwerking met de klant tot stand komen. Deze producten zullen ten alle tijden minimaal 1 van de 5 B’s bevatten (Biomimicry, Biodesign, Bionic, Biobased & Biophilia).

Now is the time to implement solutions inspired by nature. In this way we can harmonize benefits for both people and nature.

proces development

IBI² has earned its respect in developing bio-based solutions in all kinds of markets. We design, test, research and commission production processes. Process is often much more important than product. Especially when resilience must be maintained and rapid change becomes an important factor in your business. To flourish is to show resilience in ever faster and more intense changing markets.