Almost half of the Dutch consumers (49%) pay attention to sustainable aspects when purchasing products. The share of consumers that concern themselfs about sustainable entrepreneurship increased from 64% to 71% in 2016. A large majority of consumers want companies to help them make sustainable or conscious choices. While only 19% think companies do this well. But who is this sustainable consumer?


LOHAS is an abbreviation for: Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability. LOHAS-consumers now represent 15-24% of Europe. In Germany and the Netherlands there are already 16 million LOHAS-consumers. LOHAS-consumers purchase their goods mostly sustainably because they feel connected with nature. They like to consume and travel without giving up too much luxury. They therefore turn their focus to the business community who, in their view, must offer the change.

What do you learn?

During IBI²'s LOHAS training you will learn who LOHAS-consumers are, where to find them, what their values are, which sub-cultures they're in, how they want to be approached and how to convince them. The following topics are covered during the training:

Why you should act on sustainability.

What does LOHAS stand for?

What do we mean by sustainability?

The origin of the LOHAS-consumer

The extend of LOHAS worldwide

Socio-demographic attributes

Which sub-groups does LOHAS have?

Themes, properties, values and goals of the LOHAS-consumer

What's the positioning of the LOHAS-consumer in the mentality model?