CO2-heffing in de realiteit

CO2 tax in reality

In the Paris agreement, a reduction of 14,3 megaton CO2 annually was set for 2030. The CO2 levy took effect on January 1, 2021 to ensure that this target is met. The Dutch Emission Authority is obligated...
Superconcentraat uit varkensmest

Super concentrated extract from pig manure

At Vlako, a manure processor in Overloon, they have succeeded in doubling their mineral extract from pig manure through membrane distillation. Since 2021 Vlako started a trail to thicken their mineral extract to focus....


Activist, idealist, cross-thinker and supporter of Gunter Pauli's Blue Economy; Sandra Baan, CEO of IBI² in Venlo, is all of the above. From her perspective, the designer world is selling a lot of rubbish. According to Sandra, biomimicry plays an essential...