dynamic Dragonfly

Een interieur ontworpen collectie gebaseerd op de unieke kenmerken van de libelle…


The things we wish for, demand and need in our home environment are changing at an ever-increasing rate. We seem to want to become more and more flexible.

The Dynamic Dragonfly is a furniture collection based on the unique properties of a dragonfly. By looking at the mechanism in a dragonflys wings an extreme rotating arm was developed for flexibility in the living space.




IBI² (Stefan Baan)

Onze rol

Innovator & ontwikkelaar


Wings of a dragonfly

The wings of a dragonfly are separate from each other. They can move their wings individually. This is why a dragonfly can hover in one spot for a long period of time or can fly straight in all directions.

The wings have a network of blood vessels whose structure is indispensable for the taxonomic classification of the Dragonfly. The costa, the tip of the wing, is puckered and behaves like a spoiler. By allowing air to escape from the wing surface, the dragonfly is able to lift itself off. Close to the costa is a colored spot, the pterostigma. This colored spot helps the dragonfly to fly delicate.


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