Armour of Harmony

Bescherming, gelaagdheid, bio-ontwerp, afscherming en schillen…


This concept was inspired by the shell of a chestnut. Its anatomy exits from three layers that together are called pericarp. This pericarp is build up out of the exocarp, the mesocarp and de endocarp. With this in mind we developed a collection called 'Armor of Harmony'.

'Armor' stands for the shell of a chestnut, which shields it from the eatable inside. 'Harmony' is derived from the symbolic meaning of the chestnut.


IBI² initiative


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IBI² wants to work with suppliers of bio-based materials and research partners such as universities, colleges and their own researchers to ensure that their materials can be put to high-quality use in the interior design sector. This also ensures a higher margin on their materials.



Developing a manufacturing process
A large part of developing the production process consists of reformulating the composition of the biobased resin of the material. We research, together with partners, what kind of properties the bio-based material consists of.

Armour of Harmony

The ‘Armor of Harmony’ collection is designed with two types of material: residual coco fiber and a bio-based resin made out of organic waste (berries and olive tree leaves).

It's all about the sharp exocarp, the solid endocarp and soft seed, which is edible.

Key terms in this collection are: protection, armor, layering, bio-design, shielding and pealing.

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