Left-winger - Cees de Gelder

In january an interesting article, written by Cees de Gelder, appeared in Interior Business Magazine.

People who read his columns frequently, know his attention is focused on climate issues and everything related. When called a left-winger de Gelder sees it more as a nickname than an insult. It's quite curious that people who care about the environment and climate are put away as politically left. Everybody shares the worlds environment and nature isn't where ideas of left and right thinking is coming from.

The proces and change to sustainable entrepreneurship take a lot of effort and time. To research all elements of sustainable entrepreneurship, compare them and implement them. Concepts like the Blue Economy, MVO and reducing CO2 emissions, biomimicry development, bio-design and the LOHAS-consumer come to light when these aspects are considered.

Also, he mentions the research conducted by IBI² about the LOHAS-consumer. Almost half of the Dutch consumers are consciously thinking about sustainability while purchasing products or services. De Gelder states that LOHAS-consumers are an interesting target audience. Who these consumers exactly are can be read on our website. We also provide training courses for companies that like to get to know the LOHAS-consumer.

The number of LOHAS-consumers is showing a steady growth in the Netherlands. Most German consumers consider themselfs already LOHAS. Cees is LOHAS, we are LOHAS... and you?




4 March 2020



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