Sustainability quickscan

IBI² offers a clear view on the positioning of your company in terms of sustainability through a Quickscan.

The world is changing and sooner or later you start to realise your company has to change too. Legislation is being tightened, environmental costs are rising, social working conditions are being put under a magnifying glass. You want to do something with sustainability, but it is complicated. Out of the many paths to choose the viability of your company becomes blurry. It becomes hard to choose and in many cases entrepreneurs do not choose at all. But the urgency on sustainabillity is high. Young people want to work for companies that are socially responsable, customers/clients demand more and more sustainability and raw materials become ever more scarce. Saving energy and recycling is not enough anymore. But what is?

IBI² Institute for Biomimicry Innovations combines knowledge of sustainability in its most complete appearance with creativity to successfully develop product concepts and new business models. In order to create insights and added value regarding sustainability, we offer you our QuickScan.


Our role

  • Generating insights
  • Creating Business models
  • Advice



During one day, we will discuss with you (in broad outline) an introductory baseline measurement, an inventory and sustainable objectives. By means of our discussion, we draw up a report with spearheads, the results and our recommendations, at Mega-, Macro- and Micro-level.

Key points
Wich opportunities are created for your business?

o Duurzame innovatieve ideeën
o Nieuwe distributiekanalen
o Reductie van Afvalstromen
o Nieuwe kansen
o Nieuwe businessmodellen
o Nieuwe Cross-overs
o Nieuwe partners
o Biobased mogelijkheden

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