Mega sustainability scan

Many companies now realise that everyone needs to make a contribution to solving our global environmental issues, but they often do not know where to start.

The Mega-level sustainability scan comprises a scan of the strategic and sustainable proposition of your company. Opportunities and potentials of your company are examined by the board and management team, together with IBI² (or under the guidance of IBI²), drawn up and linked to sustainable strategic goals, with a clear mission and vision and a comprehensive SWOT analysis. This approach creates a foundation for rethinking the behaviour and culture of your business into the future and implementing a sustainable standard throughout your company, in order to oversee sustainable opportunities and risks in the longer term.

Your identity and codes of conduct propagate a more transparent way of marketing and communicating, something that is already being demanded more and more in the market, but certainly in the future. The sustainability impact (your social and societal contribution to sustainability) of your company increases.

In most cases, making your organisation more strategically sustainable results in a new customer base and more turnover, because it's clear to everyone who does or wants to do business with you, what the sustainable objectives are that your organisation is going to implement and comply with in the coming years. 

Costs: by means of a custom tender

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