MACRO sustainability scan

The macro sustainability scan analyses the input, the process and the output of the business process. This scan shows what and where, within the departments of your company, can be made more sustainable in the short and longer term.

Of course, the input has a lot to do with procurement of raw materials, facility management, mobility within your operations, HR, finance and investment opportunities. 

The process can often be easily adapted, provided there is room for innovation. Again, 'low hanging fruit' can be a simple adjustment to make a process more sustainable, for example, to make new sustainable products.

The output can be a new product or sustainable service that opens up new partnerships and sales channels that are committed to sustainability.

Opportunities you could not have forseen and that will now help you to claim a sustainable position in 'the new economy' called sustainability and to bring your company back on the adoption curve with new products, perhaps as a leader in the market. But take care! Make sure that your strategy is also in order, because the entire organisation will have to jointly adopt these sustainable visions and implementations. This will create an organic process which will help you towards a future-proof sustainability transition.

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