IBI² combines knowledge of sustainability with creativity to create successful product concepts and new business models. Below you find an overview of products where IBI² can be of service to you. Be inspired, empowered, all to your liking and needs!


Economical processes

The Blue Economy is a sustainability movement, started by Gunter Pauli, one of the worlds leading evironmental influencers. When you speak of the most complete sustainability systems, the Blue economy is it. Holistic systems thinking is a fundamental subject to the Blue Economy. Seperate particles are as important as the integral system. IBI² guides you to a new way of thinking, helps you to create a strong regional economical position and develops new business models together with clients. Also, the development of future proof products, processes and services is a key competence.² helpt u bij deze nieuwe manier van denken, bij het creëren van een sterke regionale economie en nieuwe businessmodellen en bij het ontwikkelen van toekomstbestendige producten, processen en diensten.

Sustainable target audience

LOHAS is a abbreviation for Lifestyle Of Health And Sustainability. De LOHAS-consumer represents 15-24% of the Europian consumer market. In Germany and the Netherlands alone their are 16 million LOHAS-consumers. These consumers feel connected with mother nature en purchase their goods mostly sustainably. IBI² helps by mapping out which LOHAS-consumers are relevant for your business, where to find them, their values and so on. All to create a bigger market share for you and help boost sustainability.

Circular processes

A circular proces is a industrial system wherein the value of raw materials is stable and can always be transformed or re-used. Together we check which materials and/or waste flows in your processes can be transformed in circular ones. In the search of new purposes for materials new business models develop. Above all, we look at alternatives for toxic or other "no-go" materials.

Design strategies

Biomimicry, Bionic and Biodesign are various design strategies for innovations by implementing natures intellegence. We use these inspirational design strategies for new exploitations of materials, designs and processes. These developments can support your company to obtain a dominant position in your branch.


Mega trends

When outlining its strategy, a company must keep an eye on social developments. Mega trends are very important in this regard; if not recognized in time, the company may miss opportunities, or in the worst case, be at risk. Mega trends are influential long-term developments, trends that will not disappear in the next five to ten years. Which mega trends are important for your company?

Concept development

Based on Your CSR actions, existing or new products, we develop together with you a social sustainability concept for your marketing and communication department. Your identity is strengthened by concepts and transparent storytelling. Materials, mood boards and color options are discussed, and appropriate suppliers with sustainable materials/products are sought out.


How do you position a sustainable product in the market? In collabortion with you we create an identity around a concept, existing or new product or service. Materials, tone of voice and strategies are discussed. Appropriate platforms and (social) media are added to the strategy.

Materials development

Together with you we develop an already existing or completely new material to be bio-based or circular. We offer advice and inspiration around the bio-based and upcycling topic.

Product development

On behalve of your values and needs, we develop a product/service from concept to demo.

IBI² Product passport

Did you develop a sustainable product with or without collaborating with IBI². Connect this passport with your product. IBI² offers product passports for sustainable products to add value to your product and position it transparently for the sustainable consumer. The product passport openly states the facts about your product including your footprint on CO2 emissions, transportation, energy, recycling and raw materials. The consumer is then free to judge whether your product meets his or her sustainability principles. Testing and results are your own responsibility, IBI² helps to transparently communicate and market your products to consumers who care about sustainability.


Certification and quality marks contribute to your sustainable position in the sector.² helps you to invest, research and formalize certificates relevant for your organisation.


IBI² offers traininig courses in the field of the LOHAS-consumer, the Blue Economy and the 5 B's: Biomimicry, Bionic, Bio-design, Bio-based and Biophillia, for your team. Check it out.

In addition to our Biomimicry, LOHAS and Blue Economy training courses, we are happy to put together a customized training package where we train your employees to get creative with all these principles and become innovative themselves in the field of sustainability. Is your company ready for a workshop sustainability? Together with your employees, we will formulate ambitions for the future and make the way clear for achieving those ambitions.