Activist, idealist, cross-thinker and supporter of the Blue Economy and the related systems thinking principle; Sandra Baan, CEO of IBI² is all of the above. From her perspective there is a lot of rubbish coming from the designer world. Sandra thinks biomimicry can play an important role as a focal point in design, because you can prove the significancy of scientific design. A conversation with a passionate woman who's keen to design a sustainably built environment.

Sandra Baan is the CEO of IBI² located in Venlo, an inspirer and driving force in the sustainability field. IBI² combines knowledge of sustainability in its most complete form in combination with creativity and methodes to achieve succesfull solutions, product designs and business models. Baan studied Floral Design at HAS university of applied sciences in 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, and obtained an International Masters degree. After the her education Sandra went to exclusive fashion brand Fendi in Milan and worked for four years as a bio-designer.

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14 October 2020



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Kazernestraat 17-19

5928 NL Venlo-Blerick

The Netherlands