Government invests millions in circular economy

In the coming years, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management will invest millions of euros more in the circular economy. With an amount of € 80 million, the transition to a circular economy must be scaled up and accelerated. The amount will be available for new proposals in 2019 and 2020. The money is available from the Climate Agreement. “An economy without waste and therefore smart use of raw materials is the missing link in the Paris Climate Agreement. Without that link, we will not achieve the targets that were agreed on in 2015, “says State Secretary Van Veldhoven.

2050: full circular economy

In 2050, the Netherlands must have a complete circular economy in which waste is reused as a new raw material. By 2030, half of the economy must be circular.

Money has been reserved for 3 applications.

The extra money is reserved for three applications. The government makes € 22.5 million available for projects in the field of recycling and the use of biobased plastics and textiles. The Plastic Pact NL is already a good step in that direction, says the ministry. These agreements must result in all plastic packaging made of recycled plastic by 2025. An amount of € 17.5 million will be made available for innovative projects in soil, road and hydraulic engineering. There are already various circular initiatives in the sector. Half the amount may be spent on other initiatives that promote the circular economy. The government is also aiming for innovative start-ups and scale-ups. “It is my experience that very good ideas exist especially in SMEs,” says Van Veldhoven.

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