Circular is trending. But how do you get the chain moving?

The collection of materials for reuse and recycling is one of the challenges of the circular economy. As a supplier, how do you get your chain partners to return their materials to you? IBI² helps you create these chains. Pallet Return System (PRS) talks about this in the Sustainable Business article. The company has set up an European pallet pooling system for producers of polymers. The polymer industry, together with PRS, developed a standard pallet 25 years ago, wich all major players in the sector use. Ideal for a circular system.

Circular is trending

Why introduce a Green Label now, if the circular pallet pooling model has been around for more than twenty years? “Circular working in this industry has been an increasingly important topic for discussion over the last few years,” says Rinus de Kok, Commercial Director of Pallet Return System. “However, not everyone realizes that what we do works very good in combination with this. With the Green Label we can show that we are not just a pallet supplier, but that customers can also contribute to the circular economy and why this is important.”

In the meantime, De Kok is discussing at a European level about how to boost circularity in the plastic industry. Promising developments, but he remains critical. “There are many beautiful words, but not enough actions. Buyers can pay much more attention to circularity. We want to be a catalyst in that line of thought.” The entire message can be read on Sustainable Business:




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