BLue economy training

Blue Economy is a sustainability movement that was started by the Flemish Gunter Pauli and is now being replicated worldwide. The basis of Blue Economy is holistic system thinking, in which the whole and the connections are just as important as the individual particles. By applying new scientific insights, Blue Economy comes with technological solutions, regionally strengthening economic principles and new business models.

Blue economy

The Blue Economy was first launched by Gunter Pauli in 1994 when the United Nations asked him to think about the business models of the future. Gunter came to more than 180 concrete cases in which he demonstrates that it is possible to generate more turnover and employment while respecting nature and the environment and still being competitive on the world market.


During the Blue Economy training of IBI² you learn new ways of thinking, you learn how to create a strong regional economy, apply a resilient business model and how you can develop future-proof products. The following topics are covered during the Blue Economy training:

What is system thinking?

What are the principles and how do they work?

Practice with an existing case as basis

How can you go from scarcity to abundance?

What is Blue Economy and why blue?

Why should you respond to sustainability?


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