IBI² offers training courses for LOHAS consumers, Blue Economy and Biomimicry, Biodesign and Bionic for you and your employees.

Blue Economy

During the Blue Economy training courses of IBI² you learn a new way of thinking, system thinking. New scientific insights lead to technological solutions, regional economic principles strengthen a region, new business models make a company resilient. You learn how to develop future-proof products simply by looking at the world differently.


During the IBI² LOHAS training courses you learn who LOHAS consumers are and where you can find them, their values, subgroups, how they want to be approached and how you convince them.

Biomimicry, biodesign, Bionic, biobased & biophilia

During biomimicry, biodesign and bionic training you learn to use nature as an active tool, to strive for closed chains and to create products that do not endanger the current and future generation.


In addition to our Biomimicry, LOHAS and Blue Economy training courses, we are happy to put together a tailor-made training package in which we train your employees to work creatively with all of these principles and become innovative in the field of sustainability. Do you need a workshop on sustainability within your company? Together with your employees, goals are set for the future and a path to results is set out. Please contact us for more information without obligation!